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"No matter who you are, no matter where you are on your faith journey,
you are welcome here. We are the United Church of Christ."

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*** Advance Notices ***

1. YOU'RE INVITED to a very special musical performance by Mark Thallander, former organist at the Crystal Cathedral. Mark, who lost his left arm in an accident, has maintained his connection with organ music in his life. Please join The Hadwen Park Congregation Church Sunday, November 12 at 7:00 p.m. at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. There is no charge for this performance which includes choirs from 17 New England churches through New England. For more information, see the bulletin board outside of Fellowship Hall.

Other Notices

Please visit We've Expanded located on the bottom of the Village Common Childens Center Page

***** Thank You *****
 From Bob Foote (webmaster@tccucc)
I would like to thank the congregation of
Townsend Congregational Church for all the
help and support you have given me in creating
this website.  I could not have done this without
your help and input. God has blessed me with
the knowledge and tools to accomplish this.

God’s Garden at TCC

Sunday October 29 2006 we planted a garden for God in front of our church.  This garden will be a metaphor for our church.  We will plant it and cultivate it with prayerful care.  We will have to be patient, though, to see the fruits of our labor.  The bulbs need to spend time getting acclimated to their new homes.  With no visible signs of growth immediately springing forth, we may become impatient and think that nothing is going to happen.  Sometimes our lives are like that, and we feel like God has abandoned us.  But God is always with us, enveloping us with the love of Christ, the same way as the right soil is enveloping and protecting the bulbs throughout the winter.  Just as we have faith that the bulbs will start growing in the spring, we have faith in Christ that will bring us into a right relationship with God.

This garden will be unique, a one of a kind garden unlike any others.  This will be OUR garden.  How will it reflect our church?  Will we each be able to identify ourselves in this garden?  Time will tell.  Next spring, we will watch our garden grow.  We will nurture it and give it special care the same way that God cares for us.

The fall and winter will be a time of waiting like Advent. This will be a time where we can rest and reflect upon our church. God created our church for a purpose. What is our purpose now? What is God’s call for us? What do you sense God wants?


November 8, 2006 Website last updated

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